Privacy policy

To ensure our viewers of the manner in which Neymaar10collects, stores and treats their personal information, below is our detailed privacy policy. The privacy policy is the basis of how the personal and non-personal information of viewers is collected, kept and used. Please carefully read through the entirety of this policy to be aware of how your personal information is used. Note that usage of any service on this website is an indication that the user has read, understood and agreed to all the terms of this policy.

Information On Identification Of Persons

We collect personal information from viewers that may be used to identify them as per consent. Information for identification of viewers and users is collected only if it is submitted by the concerned person willingly. Viewers may choose to not submit this information, however, choosing to do so will result in them not being able to use certain features on the website.

Collection Of Information Not Related To Identification

Browsing information such as technical details of a viewer’s computer, browser name, ISP details OS systems information and such related information falls in the category of non-identification personal information. The same may be collected on visit to our website.

Collection Of Browser Cookies

This site uses cookies for the purpose of better, enhanced experienced for the user. This is that the web browser that the user uses, will place cookies on the user’s hard disk. The same may be used to track down the user’s location, keep logs on the user, etc. The user may select to choose to refuse cookies on their web browser or they may choose to set alerts when cookies are used. Note that if cookies are not enabled by the user then parts of the website may be inaccessible or may malfunction.

Usage Of Information Collected

Information collected by our website may be used for the sole purpose of enhancing user experience and improving the services and content we provide. To provide more personalised and tailored user experience we use information in the aggregate to provide users with a better experience. For this purpose we may collect information on how visitors use the services and content provided on our website. Additional we may use feedback provided by users to improve features of our site.

Protecting Collected Information

All data stored on our server is protected against theft, unauthorised access, alterations, disclosure and destruction. We take necessary measures to maintain the security and integrity of all information that we collect and store. This includes usernames, passwords, other personal information, stored data and transaction logs related to features or services provided on this site.

Privacy Of Personal Information

We adhere to protecting all personal information of our users. This means that we do not sell or disclose any of our users’ personal information to anyone under any circumstance. For the purpose of advertisement and other purposes detailed above, we may share information related to visits and use of different services on the website only with our advertisement affiliates and business partners.

Third Party Advertiser’s Policy

Third party content such as advertisements, links and other content may appear on our website. These are links to services and sites that belong to our business partners, advertisers, associates, sponsors and other business affiliates. We possess no control on the content that may be visible on such advertisements and on their respective sites. Furthermore we are not responsible for the content provided for viewership, services provided or practices on any of the sites linked to this site.

Also note that all of the sites linked to our site have their own terms and conditions of use and privacy policies and are governed by the same. We will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or other mishap by the use or misuse of any service, content or otherwise on sites that are linked to this website. We are also not responsible for any change in any link, content or otherwise on any of the sites linked to this site.

Advertisement Policy

Advertisements that are displayed on this website are provided by advertising partners. We do not have control over the types of ads that may be delivered to users by these advertising partners. Furthermore, some of the advertisers may set cookies to recognise and collect logs on non-personal and browsing information of users for the purpose of providing more relevant advertisements. We are not responsible for what may appear as a result of the same. Moreover, this policy’s reach does not grasp the use of cookies by other advertisers.

Policy On Google Adsense

This website makes use of Google adsense. Therefore, some of the ads presented on this website may be from Google. The ads presented by Google are tailored differently to each user depending on the user’s interaction with this website and others on the internet. To track and use this information Google uses “DART cookie”. This enables Google to track down non personal information such as visits to websites and browser history. This does not allow Google to track down email address, physical address, name, etc. It is possible to turn off this feature and disable the usage of DART cookie by visiting Google ad and content network privacy policy. To do this follow the link:

Change Of Policy

Neymar10 reserves the right to make any sort of changes, amendments or alterations to any part(s) of this policy or any part(s) of this website that we deem necessary, without any prior notice or consent from users. The new and updated versions of the policy or website will be available for viewership on the website once the changes have been finalised. Keep visiting this page frequently to stay up to date with the policy or otherwise. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may result from users not being up to date with all changes on this website.

Agreement To Terms And Conditions

The usage of any features or even viewership of this website is significant of your agreement to all the terms and conditions of use of this website. If you have any disagreements with any policy or terms of use then please refrain from using this website.

Note that the continued usage or viewership of any user after any changes to any policy have been made, will be significant of the user’s acceptance of the new updated policies.

Contact Us

You may feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries about any policies, services or features displayed on this website.