[Lowest temperature] is. Every time, the observation best ever update Oman

The Middle East and made the day not had from North Africa people Middle East Oman recently in town Kuriyatto, the lowest temperature of the day. Degrees was recorded, it was to update the observation all-time high. Kuriyatto is a town of about million people, on the day. It was recorded the lowest temperature of the time. According to weather experts, the lowest temperature is referred to as something that has been observed in units of time, but was followed by such heat for nearly time. In the previous world record Oman also did not hold, was recorded in the northern 00 km Khasab airport too position of Kuriyatto. Meteorological experts about why temperature of Oman is higher this, pointed out that at stake is more than one factor. Both Kuriyatto and Khasab are in a position along the Gulf of Oman. Sea water temperature of the Gulf of Oman is one of the world's largest height, that often the water temperature reaches zero degrees. Meteorological experts [in addition to the ardor of the Arabian Peninsula, moist air flows warm from the Gulf of Oman] and description.