Middle East of the window: the highest temperature observed in Iraq

The Middle East and made the day not had from North Africa people Fire such as wheat fields that are widespread in Iraq last night, which we introduced the view that even a certain point due to abnormally high temperature, today of the al jazeera net is, day in misan Prefecture in southern Iraq, so far the best time we reported that was recorded Celsius in Iraq. Why this heat wave that has hit Iraq around and the Arabian peninsula. By the way, why record of the highest temperature so far in Iraq was the time of 0 years of Basra. The best reason also every time in the world that has been recorded in what was the year where you say Toka valley of California of death https://www.aljazeera.net/news/miscellaneous/0/// محافظة-عراقية-تسجل-رقما-قياسيا-بأعلى-درجة-حرارة Kyoto is cool of you is out of today morning, has become suddenly hot when I wrote this kind of article. I can not believe, such as 0 degrees strength of the heat. Do me that was experienced was around at best degree? It just also still started summer